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2015 Calendar
Swan Conservation Trust Hike March 14
Discover Big Swan Headwaters Preserve
Farm Experience Weekend March 20-22
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week March -April
Farm Experience Weekend April 17-19
The Land -
with Swan Conservation Trust
Discover Big Swan Headwaters Preserve Day
Hike, followed by dinner and music
Discover Big Swan Headwaters Day April 18hike, followed by dinner and music
Midwife Assistant Workshop April 26-May 2
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week May
Birthworkers Retreat May 15-18
Midwife Herb Workshop May 21-23
The Communities Conference May 22-24
Advanced Midwife Workshop May 24-29
Common Sense and Tradition
Swan Conservation Trust Hike May 30
Big Swan Headwaters Preserve
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
June 1-7
Organic Gardening Intensive June 3-7
A 5 day hands-on gardening plus garden tours on and off-The Farm to visit Shiitake operations, a bamboo nursery...more
Swan Trust Hike June 13
Little Grinders Creek State Natural Area
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week
June 8-14
Advanced Midwife Workshop June 14-19
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week July
Farm Experience Summer Retreat
July 15-19
Fun for the entire family
. All of the Farm Experience workshops plus activities for kids. Swimming, hiking...more
Buffalo River Canoe Trip July 19
Swan Trust
Midwife Assistant Workshop August 2-8
Swan Trust Hike August 8
Devils Backbone State Natural Area
Midwife Assistant Workshop August 23-29
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week
Aug -Sept
Swan Trust Hike Sept 12
Auntney Hollow State Natural Area
Farm Experience Weekend Sept 18-20
Farm Apprentice Orientation Week Sept -Oct
Swan Trust Oct 10
Invasive species removal
Big Swan Headwaters Preserve
Farm Experience Weekend Oct 16-18
Our last Farm Experience till next year!
Woofer & Work Exchange Permablitzes
Swan Trust Hike Nov 14
Cheeks Bend on the Duck River
Midwifery Kinesiology Workshop Nov 6-7
Midwife Assistant Workshop Nov 8-14
Midwifery Workshop - Neonatal Resuscitation November 16-17
Farm School Holiday Bazaar Dec. 6
Holiday Bazaar Facebook Page
Visit The Farm School web site

This year The Farm Ecovillage Training Center will also be offering a permaculture design certificate for apprentices who attend for two consecutive months.

<< From the Beginning The Farm Today >>
  • Monday Night Class
    • Seekers from all over the world converged on San Francisco looking for spiritual growth and/or to fundamentally change society. They become known as "the hippies."
    • Stephen Gaskin, a former English professor at San Francisco State College, conducts Monday Night Class, an open meeting discussing how psychedelic experiences relate to world religions. Monday Night Class evolved from San Francisco State Free University classes called 'Experiments in Unified Field Theory', 'Einstein Magic and God' , 'North American White Witchcraft', and 'Metaphysical Education ( Meta PE ).
  • Monday Night Class ‘tripping classes’ attract 1000/wk
  • Santa Rosa Farm AKA "Humble Bottom" opens
  • Monday Night Class book of Stephen transcripts
  • The Caravan
    • A Sixty Schoolbus tour across US resulting from a group of ministers and theologians from the American Academy of Religion attending one of the Monday Night Classes.
    • Stephen Gaskin, invited to speak to congregations of various churches across the country, agrees to tour the heartland. Two hundred regular attendees of Monday Night Class decide to accompany him.


pop. 300

  • The Caravan - Continued
    • A caravan of brightly painted school buses, VW vans, trucks, and campers join Stephen on a coast-to-coast speaking tour of college campuses and churches. On the way they are joined by other young people. After returning to California four months later, the Caravaners decide to pool their money, buy land and stay together as a community.
  • Arrive at the Martin Farm in Summertown, Tennessee
  • Down payment on the 1050 acre Black Swan Ranch south of Nashville, TN and The Farm Community is founded
  • Dec 9 - First Farm Report Issued
  • The 1st Motor Pool bulding goes up on The Martin Farm
  • The Sorghum Mill is completed
  • The Dry Goods Store opens
  • The Great Chocolate Barrel Dive (July 4)
  • The Farm's homegrown rock n' roll band begin a series of coast-to-coast tours with Stephen, playing in parks and student centers for free while promoting the community and increasing membership.
  • Al Gore writes up the Farm for the Nashville Tennessean
  • The Farm Clinic and The Farm School founded
  • Wheat berry Winter
  • Acklen Street House
  • Farm uses "ham" radio to communicate to growing network
  • US Supreme Court case - Grass as a religious sacrament
  • Farm purchases 700 acre "Hickory Hill"
  • The Farm Bakery Opens
  • The Rocky Branch Farm in Kentucky opens
  • "Hot Tofu" Band forms
  • Hey Beatnik! This is the Farm Book is published
  • Good Tasting Nutritional Yeast mail order company started
  • Founding of Plenty USA
  • NY Farm in Franklin starts
  • The new brick gate house is recycled and rebuilt with the assistance of a lady bricklayer and her crew
  • Stephen and others are jailed for one year for growing grass on The Farm property
  • The Virginia Farm opens near Luoisa, VA in June
  • The New York Farm opens in Franklin, NY
  • The Washington Farm, AKA the "Seattle Center" opens


pop. 750

  • There are more than 750 people living on The Farm, including 160 married couples and 250 children. Over the next few years Plenty centers are set up in the South Bronx, Miami, St. Louis, Washington DC, Chicago, the Caribbean, Guatemala, Central America, Africa and Bangladesh. Also over the next few years satellite farms are formed in Wisconsin, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, California, Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Alabama, Canada, and Ireland.
  • Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control is published
  • The Farm Building Company founded, Robert S., President.
  • California Farm Center opens
  • The Rocky Branch Farm in Kentucky closes. Some residents moved to Green River Farm
  • "The Wild Dogs" Band forms
  • Puerto Rico Farm Opens
  • Plenty sends team to Guatemala
  • Spiritual Midwifery is published
  • The Farm Denver Center opens
  • Georgia Farm Opens
  • The Virginia Farm closes in May
  • The Massachusetts Farm Opens
  • "The Wild Turkeys" Band forms
  • "The Muchkins" Band forms
  • Puerto Rico Farm Closes
  • Pony caravan to the Smoky Mountains
  • Georgia Farm Closes
  • April - National Geographic article "Walk Across America", with Peter Jenkins' visit to The Farm.
  • The Chicago Farm Opens
  • The Farm Ladder Co. opens at The Wisconsin Farm in the summer
  • "The Plenty Band" forms
  • "The Tendons" Band forms
  • Plenty founds the Bronx Center
  • The Farm Denver Center transfers to Austin, TX
  • Honicker vs. Hendrie brief filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • First Swimming Hole opens
  • Hepatitus outbreak closes the gate at The Farm in TN to new members causing popultions to rise at some satellite farms
  • "The Risers" Band forms
  • July 15, 1978, The Longest Walk marches into Washington D.C.
  • Ham radio crew develops the "Nuke Buster"
  • Shutdown: Nuclear Power on Trial published; Ttranscript of the proceedings in Federal court from Honicker vs. Hendrie.
  • No Nukes Rally in DC where Farm School kids bust the Smithsonian for Uranium Moon Rocks on display near The Hope diamond with a Nuke Buster
  • Solar Electronics starts up
  • "Walk Across America", with Peter Jenkins' visit to The Farm is published as a book
  • Stephen and The Farm win first Right Livelihood Award
  • Most of the 17 existing satelite farms sell off and many of those residents move to the TN Farm
  • The Phil Donahue Show hosts Stephen Gaskin
  • Ragweed Day Opening Celebration
  • Canada Farm Established
  • Tree Planting Projects start
  • The Chicago Farm Closes
  • NRC Releases Reactor Album
  • Kids to the Country program begins on New York Farm
  • The Farm High School plays in The World Games in Philadelphia with Buckminster Fuller


pop. 1200

  • The population grows to over 1,200 members, half of whom are children.
  • The annual number of visitors increases to over 10,000.
  • TN Democratic party hires Farm computer tech's, wins elections
  • Tofu Cookery published
  • The Changeover
    • The Farm changes from being totally collective, where all things were held in common, to a cooperative. The land is held in common but monthly dues are levied for community expenses. The population decreases dramatically.
  • Last Payment made on the property. The land is free and clear!


  • The Planitarians Band forms


  • The Farm youth AYSO soccer team goes to regional champioships in Alabama
  • The Lost Boyz Band forms
  • The Farm hosts its first Alternative Energy Fair



  • Alternative Energy Fair becomes Harvest Festival
  • Highland Woods purchases the 650 acre Martin Farm
  • First Farm web site,
  • Tofu Nation band forms
  • The Hooka Band forms


  • The Farm Net Corporation donates two tracts totalling 68 acres to Swan Trust in July.
    • Combined with the 30 acres Swan Trust purchased in 1994, the land has now become The Highland Woods Preserve.
  • The Tractor Barn burns down. The case was ruled arson and left open.


  • First UnityFest April 20th


  • Construction begins on the Unity Center
  • The new water tower is installed


  • The Farm Yoga Studio Opens
  • "THB" Band forms
  • The Farm Recycling center starts Feb. 18
  • Swan Trust creates Big Swan Headwaters Preserve with the purchase of the Baggs tract in February


  • Last 2nd generation farm kid greaduated from The Farm School
  • Meeting Hall Dome is covered
  • The Farm Community Garden is launched
  • Safarmi Trail Rangers are formed
  • Population of The Farm Community averages 200 people, incluing visitors, interns, birthing couples and temporary residents
  • August - 40th Anniversary of the Caravan leaving San Francisco
  • 40th Anniversary of The Founding of The Farm Community
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